Mobile first Portal for news, media and travel


Unifying a train and station experience through seamless content consumption backed by lightning fast infrastructure


Enabling people access to information and entertainment across a national rail network spread the south east of the united kingdom



We created a seamless experience between the personal device and train, with a unity of content consumption and slight contextual personalisation depending on where you were.

Designed to be agnostic but with heuristics and solid accessibility in mind we successfully enabled commuters and day trippers alike to consume pay-per-view content across the greater anglia network serving hundreds of thousands of people daily.

The technology provider was C3 and we worked closely with them to enable the design and strategic vision from Firma Studio. We felt that technology should be ubiquitous and that the digital brand has a role to play in the users experience.
The only thing that should change is how much content and what is relevant to their behaviours when in a journey.

We started by looking at the archetypes of people who would use the network and crafted a picture and dialogue around them, we went then and validated them with user testing, iterated on and formed a feature set around their pain-points and stories while maintaining the business adjectives in mind.

C3 loved the idea of not dropping connection when moving from train to station and so on - we and the business wanted the user experience to be seamless because that would drive more content consumption.


Our process allowed for a simplification of the design and devleopment process. Why? - because people only want and can do so much in the defined confinds of their usage session. This allowed us to hone on the detail and to factor in the multiple stakeholders we had to deal with it to get the experience envisioned based on our research and the over arching design vision for seamless content.

After crafting the MVP ,working along side the developers and engineers to test and challenge the technology to get it to preform as we wished we then tested the design in a lab environment with customers sourced by our extensive network, scripts were written and testing on usability and the design began. We factored the results in from usability testing into the c3 product managers roadmap and got final sign off from the client and the portal had began its role-out December 2015.


For us the value of this new brief couldn't be understated. Not only was it a considerable feat to attract them in the first place, but we love to help clients get what they want while demonstrating our ability to take them on that journey, it all stems back to our original values "the creative capacity of entrepreneurs" rings true with us.

The Project now lifts the brand capital of Greater anglia and executes the design vision outlined and most important than all lifts peoples experience of traveling on the greater anglia network.


Greater Anglia Wifi channel couldn't have been a success without:



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