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How Upday went from a Samsung-Axlspringer umbrella brand to a personalised news product designed for people


Never miss out anything important happening in the world. All the top news in one single place. Swipe out what you don't like and create your very own personalised infinite stream of news in your Samsung device.



An ad-block-proof revenue generating powerhouse.


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When we talked with Samsung, they had a problem with how news is currently curated on mass and that providing personalisation should also mean quality. They wanted someone who could deliver the complexity the user experience challenge in a simple way and rewarded them with advertising revenue.

Axel Springer and Samsung are some of the biggest names in the business - and we were honoured by them for picking us to relook at the challenge of news - two brands that actively headhunt from the very best of the industry.

We made process additions to them encouraging a more agile approach to design and development encouraging the use of more modern workflow and leading from a technical perspective to adhere to our discovery-define-test-process and guidied them to use technical tools with the most cutting edge processes so that development and design could work closer together to ultimately deliver a better product.

UPDAY provides content through a combination of editorial curation by a team of expert media and intelligent machine learning. While other aggregators rely solely on algorithms when providing content, it’s this dynamic between human interaction and data science that sets UPDAY apart
— Peter Würtenberger, CEO

Upday News are a fledging proposition but with some of the biggest and brightest backing, super-creative and fun-loving with deep expertise in digital editorial, they are the sort of clients you want to spend as much time with as possible: whip-smart, opinionated, funny. They were actively trying to engage with us as much as possible, in our thinking and approach, we embraced their passion for the product.


Upday is pre-installed on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge devices for customers in France, Germany, Poland and the UK.

Upday is integrated seamlessly into the user experience of the new smartphones – just one right swipe on home screen opens the news service.

The full service rollout follows a successful beta launch in Germany and Poland last year, which saw unprecedented user engagement and a strong return in revenue which was guided by these solid rules:

1. Do not overload it with ads.

2. No annoying or intrusive ads.

3. Full-page ads -- I am not a fan of hiding advertising.

With machine learning, and 1200 publishers onboard and full page engaging advertorials, resistant to ad-blockers Upday is a success.

We call it the publisher’s product, or the publisher’s platform
— Peter Würtenberger

It’s easy for them to get involved — Upday just takes an RSS feed. Each card carries the source of the publisher, when readers click on the card they are taken to the publisher’s Web browser, embedded in Upday’s proprietary system. This is still counted as publisher traffic. 


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