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YouView approached us to create their remote and guide for Android. Our approach was no different from any other.

We sought to build upon the existing validated the journey by reassessing it by asking numerous questions, to our client and to their customers and audience - to move YouView intuitively to seamlessly to android.

YouView is an technology company which values ring very true with our own, they seek that the consumer and user is at the heart of everything they do. We collaborated with them to make an android experience as rich as their home experience, we then handled the production and integration, and trained their team upon hand over of the full build.

 Since the initial project completion, we work directly with the YouView to offer support and ongoing maintenance, we assist by recommending the most optimum fixes and testing that we can provide. We then review the results, make adjustments, and guide them on how to use tools, such as A/B testing, to continually optimise their app.

YouView, because of such a mature company have accumulated so much value that they're progressively moving all their digital engineering and design in house.

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As well as allowing you to set a recording from your phone or tablet device, YouView app offers a full seven-day programme guide for more than 70 digital television and radio channels.

It shows details for programming that's on now and next. Information on each broadcast is given. And you can connect up to five devices, Android or iOS, to your set-top box, given other family members control too.

YouView has been optimised to work on Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, LG Nexus 4, HTC One S and Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Catch up, for instance, is integrated right into the TV guide - just scroll back in time to the episode you want to watch. You can browse programmes by genre or channel, or select the handy 'more episodes' button if you like what you just watched and fancy seeing more. It's also got plenty of accessibility features to make it easier for everyone to use.

There's a zoom on the TV guide, a high contrast colour scheme, easy access to subtitles, signed TV, audio descriptions, and an interface that has been optimised to work with screen reader apps on your smartphone.


YouViews business has been invaluable since - we've grown strength to strength and the reception on the app store has been great with over 3000 reviews at 4 star and over it fights the good fight for the in-home entertainment system.

After our delightful experience with them we hope they will come back to us to hopefully commission us with some future thinking piece very soon!


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